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Author: Sheena  

Studio 19 Rentals

We rent the things people love! 

We exist for the players, the creators and adventurors. Everyone should be able to follow their passion! 


Make Sure the Gear is Right For You! 

- Return any time after 6 months

- Apply to buy at any time

- Low Monthly Payments

- Optional Protection Plan

A lot of people are nervous when buyiung new equipment for a hobby. When you start out you might feel excited and passionate, but you don't want to spend too much incase the feelings fade. As a result, you can end up with cheaper gear and your skills outgrow it too soon. Or you end up with equipment you are not ready for. Studio 19 helps by offering a simple affordable alternate to buying. 

With Studio 19 Rentals you get the genuine flexibility to rent for as long as you like. You can return it any time after 6 months if you are no longer using it or want to upgrade to another instrument or model. You can also apply to buy the instrument and keep it forever. You get to return, buy or keep renting on your own terms. 

You can complete your transaction with Studio 19 Rentals online or instore. Contact us on 02 6885 5665 if you would like to find out rates and terms and conditions. 


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